Wouldn’t you prefer taking decisions
based on real asset condition
instead of covered distance?

Exploit your data to avoid over-maintenance.
Increase operational efficiency and availability, assure safety.

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Easing the Way
to future mobility.

“Our greatest asset is our professionals. We have specialized teams in the different domains that define the digital experience and in the railway sector. This allows us to offer to our customers a global solution.”

Leadmind is a SaaS platform based on the most advanced IoT, machine learning and BigData technologies. The approach since the conception is to add value to operators, infrastructure maintainers and administrators independently from the vehicle manufacturer.

We have a specialized team, with huge experience in the railway sector based on the knowledge of more than 100 years manufacturing and 50 years maintaining vehicles. That’s why we understand the importance of increasing availability of vehicles, avoid incidents before they occur and reduce costs together with the improvement of the travel experience and passenger safety.

Perform ALL the required interventions,
ONLY the required interventions,
at the RIGHT TIME,
ensuring availability of the RIGHT RESOURCES.




Train units monitored



Data driven services

Train maintenance & performance

  • Fleet health status.
  • Geolocation analytics.
  • Component traceability RFID.
  • Root cause analysis.
  • Wheel health & Life expectancy.
  • Data exploration & Diagnosis.

Advanced analytics lab.

  • Image Recognition.
  • Customized CBM & Predictive models.
  • GMAO integration.
  • Specific analysis & Remote maintenance.
  • Passenger demand & expendables forecast.
  • Bogie health CBM.


  • Fleet Heath Status & Geolocation.
  • Remote HMI Replay mode.
  • Live Telemetry.
  • Social media analysis.
  • User event editor.
  • Passenger demand & expendables forecast.


  • Geolocation of catenary voltage.
  • Track inspection.
  • Catenary inspection.
  • Geolocation of Train-Track events.

Energy efficiency

  • Driver & Driving mode consumption analysis.
  • Regenerated energy.
  • Auxiliary systems consumption analysis.


  • Assessing sanding and flange lubrication correct performance.
  • Sliding and wheel slide protection advanced analytics.


End-to-end vision of the business, from design to maintenance. That help us implement the algorithms that maximize benefits and minimize costs.


Provide business value from all data of the mobility ecosystem.



Customer-centric oriented.
Reduced time-to-market.


Leadmind is the result of a roadmap. Output from the analysis of the needs specified by our clients (rolling stock, TSSSA, maintenance contracts,...)


Provide a new generation of more competitive services throughout its value chain. Both for operators and maintainers of the mobility ecosystem.


Through the integration from different systems and sources and advanced analysis of all the data that the mobility ecosystem currently generates in a cyber-secure way.

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